We’re Moving to “Making Noise in the South”!

Content from this web site, formerly the blog host  for my own writing, and all my new writing will be moving to a new independent media collective called “Making Noise in the South” (MNIS). The new site will focus on issues our region faces from a fresh perspective. We realize there’s not just one homogeneous “Southern heritage,” but a rich and diverse blend of cultures and customs that make us who we are — and we plan to honor that heritage.anti-racism2

Topics will include many of the same issues I already cover, like labor history, racism and white supremacy, mental illness, harm reduction, anti-fascism, and gender issues and patriarchy, with a bold new twist.

We’ll also provide in-depth stories, a working-class analysis of gentrification and shifting demographics in the South, connecting struggles across the South, and provide cultural commentary, as well as film, television, and music coverage.

This is an exciting moment. I look forward to collaborating with new writers, media specialists, and regular folks from across the South.

Thanks so much to all my loyal readers and please keep up with what we’ve got going on at MNIS. Feel free to contact me at jeremy.k.galloway@gmail.com to keep in touch.

Peace, Love, and Solidarity,
–Jeremy G

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