About Jeremy

I’m a writer, activist, and advocate for harm reduction, those living with substance use disorders and mental health issues, workers, and incarcerated Americans. I’m also involved in the ongoing fight against white supremacy and police violence.

I was raised in the Washington DC area, but I’ve lived in Georgia for over 20 years. At the moment I’m settled, with my wife and 3 cats, at the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains in Dahlonega.

I have a long history dealing with substance use and mental health issues. In 2012, I lost a very close friend to a drug overdose. Since then, I’ve worked with the great folks at Georgia Overdose Prevention and the Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition (AHRC) to have 911 medical amnesty and naloxone laws passed in the Georgia legislature. Since those laws went into effect in April 2014, we’ve worked to distribute naloxone to the public and educate at-risk communities about the laws and how to adminster naloxone. As of June 2015, over 260 overdoses have been reversed by naloxone distributed by AHRC and Georgia Overdose Prevention.

I write about my own experiences with drugs and mental illness, the stigma harm reduction and certain forms of treatment, and about the value of proven form of medication-assisted treatment, like methadone and suboxone. I’m active in groups that fight for workers rights and against white supremacy and other forms of social oppression.

I’m a member and delegate of the Indutrial Workers of the World, a union that’s been a thorn in the side of capitalist bosses for over 110 years. I also work with a number of political organizations in the area, including Black Rose/Rosa Negra of North Georgia and Action in Dahlonega. I believe in the power of people working together to acheive our goals and collective liberation from capitalism, rather than waiting for politicians to do it for us.11043036_968206293199268_6463604857722835174_n2

I also write fiction, poetry, and short stories. I’m compiling a collection of short stories for publication, and like half of the American population, I’m writing a novel based on my experiences with heroin use and mental illness. Occasionally I share some of that here; maybe one day I’ll finish the thing.

If you’re interested in getting naloxone for yourself or someone you care about, are looking for assistance with substance use or mental health issues, or want help organizing a naloxone/harm reduction program in your area, please give me a holler. Far too many of us are dying by overdose or suffering with the effects of substance us and mental health issues. There are far too few resources for us to turn to and those that exist often fail to meet our needs. As people living with these problems every day, it’s our right and our obligation (when we’re able) to demand the care we need for our minds and bodies. We can’t rely on politicians, the rehab industry, and drug companies to fix these problems for us. An injury to one it an injury to all — no one but us can decide what we need and it’s been left to us to make it happen.

–Jeremy G

You can email me at jeremy.k.galloway@gmail.com