What Lies Below

What Lies Below
I climbed the mountain,
I scaled her bobbing hills,
Bouncing glibly from rock to rock,
Up and over her sinuous curves,
Dancing along those well-worn tracks.
Twisting and curling,
They wind back upon themselves,
Then back again,
Gently sloping,
Ever upward,
Lifting me to the heavens.

Perched atop her pointed peak,
A boulder for my throne,
Clouds part like the sea,
And like God peering down on Eden,
A boundless kingdom unfolds before my eyes.
Spacious, serene,
Broadly brushed with blues and greens,
Punctuated only by dismal dots of brown and gray.
Beauty so bold, but those bleak beads betray,
The grisly face that lurks beneath.

Angels & Demons

Angels & Demons

I have
  danced with angels
  in my time…

Languid, lethargic, listless,
  weary head rested,
  on soft supple shoulders,
  that no longer bear
  the burdens of this world.
I drift into another land.
Feet float freely, cloud to cloud,
  bouncing across the sky.
Head held high,
  worries cast aside.
Wonder and bliss flow like honey,
  through easy ebullient veins.
Euphoric, I shout out with wonder:
  “I am free!”
And wish to remain forever–
  For who can cast me out?

I have also
  danced with demons
  in my time…

Desperate, desolate, deserted
  spine shattered in scraps,
  twisted, torn, tattered,
  no longer able to bear,
  the sorrows of this world.
That ancient place comes storming back.
Knees scrape sharply, rock to rock,
  crawling through the flames.
Face flung forward,
  shame grinds my soul.
Guilt and worry seep like sludge,
  through a rotting, wretched brain.
Despondent, I cry out in agony:
  “I am lost!”
And pray for a swift reprieve–
  But who will hear my cries?



Her waters roar,
  and tumble down
Crashing over, under, between,
Sturdy boulders,
  old as the earth.

Always moving,
Forever flowing,
Never pausing
  to worry,
  to think,
  to sleep.

The sea pulls her in,
Past the mountains,
  cutting through gorges,
  she winds across the earth,
  past all the people,
  who soon shall cease to be.
But the river remains,
  forever twisting, slithering, pouring herself out,
Charging ahead,
  throughout the ages,
  an eternal fountain of infinite strength.

Her journey never ends,
But has only just begun.